Avalution Training Whitepaper Released


Cleveland, OH — March 26, 2007 — Avalution Consulting announced today the release of their latest white paper - Designing a Business Continuity Training Program to Maximize Value & Minimize Cost. This white paper thoroughly discusses:

  • How training and awareness programs create value for the entire organization
  • How to minimize both the time investment and overall costs throughout the training development and delivery process
  • How to choose the correct delivery mechanism for your organization
  • Identifying solutions to meet specific key learning objectives
  • Why the common objections to training and awareness programs are not only wrong but could prove detrimental to your organization in the long run

Essentially, management cannot rely on a business continuity program if employees are unaware of their role in the response and recovery effort. As a result, the time and resources invested in the planning effort are often wasted. A properly designed training and awareness program can bridge this gap in a cost effective and efficient manner. Don't miss your chance to find out how!

You can access this white paper through Continuity Insights (www.continuityinsights.com) or through a link on Avalution's web site www.avalution.com.

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You can download each, and view Our Perspectives on current issues and trends affecting the business continuity and disaster recovery industry, by visiting our web site at www.avalution.com.

About Avalution Consulting
Avalution Consulting specializes in business continuity strategy design, development, implementation and long-term solution maintenance. We excel at rapidly designing business continuity strategies and enabling in-house personnel to execute and maintain continuity plans through effective knowledge transfer processes and compelling, cost effective training concepts.

In addition to our project-focused work, our team of professionals is experienced in the delivery of long-term program management solutions. Due to our clients' resource and time constraints, we can assist with the execution of recurring business continuity lifecycle tasks, to include testing, training and program maintenance (updating plans, executing business impact analyses, etc.).

For additional information regarding our professionals, tools and solutions please contact us at 800.941.0381 or via email at [email protected].

We design business continuity and IT disaster recovery solutions that are tightly aligned to the strategic priorities of the organization.
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