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Avalution has performed hundreds of business continuity and IT disaster recovery exercises for organizations in every major industry and sector throughout the United States. No matter the scope of the exercise or level of complexity, Avalution has the experience, skills, and tools to successfully plan and facilitate your exercise - maximizing results while minimizing your resource investment. We're ready to assist you in developing your business continuity exercise. Let us show you how!


Business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans should not be considered viable unless exercised, and, excluding a real world event, tests are the best form of training for response and recovery personnel.


Exercising helps validate business continuity and IT disaster recovery plan content and ensure that identified strategies are capable of providing response and recovery results within the timeframes approved by management. And, in addition to providing critical training to the personnel responsible for the response and recovery activities, exercising can also pinpoint plan weaknesses, areas for improvement, and areas where business continuity and IT disaster recovery arrangements have become dated (and potentially ineffective).


You're right! Properly planning and preparing for an exercise can be quite a daunting task!

  • What's the scope of the exercise, and who should participate?
  • What type of exercise should be used (e.g. walkthrough, table-top)?
  • What scenario should be used (e.g. loss of facility, people, technology, supplier, or a hazard-specific scenario, such as an active shooter)?
  • What are the objectives of the exercise?
  • What assumptions will be made?
  • What is the success/failure criteria?


With a clear understanding of your organization and exercise objectives, Avalution will develop and facilitate an exercise that utilizes customized scenarios to test all elements of the business continuity process, which may include emergency response, crisis management, crisis communications, business recovery, and IT disaster recovery.

As we move through the exercise, our team will debrief each phase by covering key actions that should have been performed, as well as point out sources of information that could have been helpful as the team navigated the response or recovery process. By capturing lessons learned and identifying opportunities for improvement, your team will be able to improve the preparedness and resiliency of your organization and confidently respond in the event of an actual disaster.


We believe that proactive planning is key to protecting your organization during a disruptive incident. We also believe in creating customized, pragmatic solutions and challenging the way it has always been done.

Business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning is all that we do. If you’re looking for assistance with planning and executing your next exercise, please contact us today.

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