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Who is Avalution Consulting?

We specialize in business continuity consulting, information security consulting, and software solutions for organizations in both the public and private sectors. We also assist in preparing organizations for ISO 22301 certification, as well as assessing readiness for the certification process.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), we are an ISO 22301 certified firm. In addition to consulting services, we offer a unique, web-based business continuity software solution, Catalyst.

Awards & Recognition

  • Avalution: Business Continuity Provider of the Year (BCM Service)
    2014 BCI North America Awards
  • Avalution: Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Company of the Year
    2012 BCI North America Awards
  • Catalyst Business Continuity Software: Business Continuity Innovation of the Year
    2012 BCI Middle East Awards

What business continuity consulting services do you provide?

We specialize in creating business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs that meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes. We not only help organizations new to business continuity, but also organizations who have been planning for many years. Bottom line – Avalution will work with you to build a business continuity program that is credible, pragmatic, and long-lasting. We invite you to explore our services further via the links below, or take a look at some of our recently completed projects.

What information security consulting services do you provide?

Avalution provides a practical approach to information security that aligns with and enables your business, provides actionable plans, and delivers visible results. Our information security consulting services include:

  • Virtual CISO: On-demand, executive-level insight without additional headcount.
  • Program Setup: Information security program setup coordinated across the organization.
  • Staffing: Information security program staffing and outsourcing solutions.

Learn more about our information security consulting services.

Do you offer business continuity software?

Yes. In addition to consulting services, we offer a unique, web-based business continuity software solution, Catalyst.

Catalyst business continuity software combines a simple user interface and on-screen guides with our consulting methodology to make continuity planning easy and repeatable for every organization, regardless of size, industry, or geography. No long-term contracts are required, and a 30-day free trial is available via the website.

What industries do you serve?

Our team has served the unique needs of organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry sector. This experience provides our team with a deep understanding of the unique characteristics, requirements, and drivers associated with each industry, and positions our consultants to efficiently build business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs aligned to professional best practices. We invite you to explore our industry experience further via the links below, or take a look at some of our recently completed projects.

Does Avalution have a business continuity program?

Avalution maintains an industry leading business continuity program for our software and consulting services. Our business continuity program is fully aligned to ISO 22301 and we were certified to ISO 22301 in May 2013. We were the first organization in North America to receive this distinction! For more information on Avalution’s commitment to continuity, feel free to contact us.

What makes Avalution different?

We differentiate ourselves by taking a holistic, proactive view of the business, and by focusing on both reducing risk likelihood through the identification of risk treatment options, while also developing response and recovery solutions designed to limit impact. We are always focused on developing business continuity solutions that are pragmatic, offering business value through an appropriate mix of realistic risk mitigation and cost. We are able to do this by being creative and flexible, aligning with our clients’ needs, and by having professionals with a robust background and a variety of experiences. Click here to see examples of some of our unique projects and solutions.

What role does Avalution perform during a project?

Avalution’s project participation can be characterized in two different ways – subject matter experts and efficient do-ers.

  • Subject Matter Experts
    We are subject experts that can provide management and in-house business continuity professionals with lessons learned and proven strategies. We find that this role is best suited for organizations that have existing, operational business continuity processes and are looking to mature those efforts.
  • Efficient Do-ers
    We can provide the educated manpower to complete robust tasks. We don’t just recommend solutions, we complete them in a quick and effective manner.

Can Avalution help me respond to a disaster?

Our project work enables our clients to respond to a disaster on their own. However, we are always available to assist when needed and requested. This assistance often takes the form of remotely enabling discussions and decision making, but can also include onsite assistance as needed. In the end, we create a partnership with our clients and are committed to a successful response and recovery effort.

Describe your optimal client

Avalution works best with organizations that recognize the need for some level of proactive response and recovery planning, as well as the potential need for resilient business and technology processes. Our clients are dedicated to ensuring the continuity of critical operations for the benefit of their customers, stakeholders, and employees. Avalution’s clients are also interested in taking a practical approach to business continuity that does not exclusively follow theory. Lastly, our clients also recognize that business continuity is not a project, but a program. As a result, they look for knowledge transfer and prepare to continue our work after the project concludes (engaging with us when it is beneficial to the progression and maturation of the business continuity program).

What does Avalution do best?

Our flexibility and ability to provide creative solutions that meet an organization’s unique business continuity problem is where we excel. Every client is different and has unique issues to manage - we never expect our clients to accept “cookie-cutter” solutions. Avalution excels at being able to understand complex business processes and issues and provide solutions that mitigate the requested level and type of business continuity risk. Click here to read some of our unique perspectives on business continuity and disaster recovery issues our clients have faced.

What type of organization chooses Avalution?

Organizations that choose Avalution are those that want to focus and carefully invest in mitigating business continuity risk. The driver of this focus may be a customer demand, a corporate risk management goal, or a regulatory mandate. Organizations that “typically” choose Avalution are:

  • Challenged to deliver business continuity with major business constraints
  • Demanding something more than a boilerplate plan
  • Complying with a complex mandate from a third-party
  • Balancing proactive risk treatment with reactive response and recovery planning
  • Developing a recurring capability to manage and mature a business continuity program

What is Avalution's project pricing structure?

Avalution prices projects based on the hours estimated to complete required activities and any expenses expected due to travel. For projects where the scope may be undefined, the pricing structure is often time and materials, where the organization is charged for the hours worked and the expenses incurred. For other situations, whereby the scope and roles/responsibilities are defined, Avalution can price a project using a fixed fee structure which is inclusive of time and expenses.

You're in Cleveland, we're not. Is that a problem?

Not at all. Our team is available to travel wherever needed, on a regular basis or for a one time visit. To minimize expenses, we attempt to maximize our efforts while onsite at a facility so that we can complete part of our work from our offices in Cleveland. We also develop project approaches that allow our teams to impose as minimally as possible on the client, which affords us the ability to work from Cleveland and decreases the client’s efforts in support of our activities. We feel that our client satisfaction survey displays that our clients do not find a problem with our company being located in a city different from theirs.

Describe your professionals

Avalution’s team is a group of business professionals with extensive and varying backgrounds in business continuity. All of our professionals have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, many with advanced degrees. Most of our professionals have been involved in business continuity throughout their careers, with many focusing on niche areas of business continuity. Our goal is to be able to provide our clients with the best people in the business continuity marketplace, who we feel are all characterized as smart, creative, quality-minded, out-of-the-box thinking professionals. We believe that we do this, evidenced by our client satisfaction survey.

Describe your consultative approach

Avalution takes a collaborative approach and works with all levels of management to design solutions that make business sense and address both business process and financial project objectives. We believe that business continuity risks and solutions involve the entire organization and, by including representation from all areas within the scope of the effort, the organization is better able to assess business continuity risk and prepare for a crisis event or a business interruption. We fully understand that business continuity efforts and solutions must make business sense, deliver a strong value proposition, and be practical. Take a look Inside Avalution to learn more about Avalution's approach to consulting services and what makes us unique in our field. To see what our clients think about our approach, check out our client satisfaction survey results.

What standards does Avalution follow?

Our consulting methodology is consistent with leading industry guidelines, regulatory requirements, and best practices, including ISO 22301, NFPA 1600, the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines, and the Disaster Recovery Institute’s (DRI) Professional Practices. Our consultants are certified by the BCI and/or DRI. Our consultants also have project management and IT audit certifications, as well as backgrounds in Six Sigma, all of which influence the methods by which we develop and deliver business continuity solutions.

We maintain a list of the leading regulatory requirements and standards related to business continuity and IT disaster recovery, which you can view on our standards overview page.

Do you see business continuity as a plan or a process?

Talking to an Avalution professional will lead you to conclude very quickly that we deliver business continuity processes and solutions, not just volumes of plan documentation. A plan is part of the solution, but is not the exclusive deliverable. All of our clients that have experienced a crisis feel that they were best-prepared because of the process facilitated by Avalution’s professionals. Their plans were enablers, but not the sole key success factors.

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