Information Security Consulting

Avalution's Approach to Information Security Breaks Down Silos, Provides Actionable Plans, and Delivers Visible Results


Reminders of information security risks are in the headlines every week, including malware, ransomware, targeted attacks, and data breaches. You know you need to address these risks, but figuring out what to prioritize is frustrating – elegant answers are elusive and technical jargon is everywhere! Avalution’s information security consulting team has the expertise to provide a clear picture of your unique risks and a straightforward plan to address them. Bottom-line, Avalution provides a practical approach to information security that aligns with and enables your business.

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Our Approach

Strategy First

Information security exists to protect AND enable the business – not hinder it. Our first objective is to get clear about your information security goals and how they align with your organization’s overall business strategy - taking into account your organization’s risk tolerance, culture, obligations, and business environment.

Simple & Actionable

Information security is a constantly evolving, highly complex space. At Avalution, our unique talent is taking the complex and simplifying it into actionable steps by:

  • Connecting your strategy, risks, and controls in a way that clarifies and drives action;
  • Explaining risk in a straightforward manner at the appropriate level in the business to increase awareness and consensus; and
  • Providing direction on implementing various security processes and tools.

Our discussions result in real improvement to your security posture.

Visible Results

What good is “it” if you can’t define “it” or measure “it”? We create information security programs that are auditable and deliver clarity regarding your information security posture. We provide a list of controls, the details that prove those controls exist and are performing appropriately, and a higher-level view of your overall information security capabilities and gaps.

This approach provides a basis and the process to measure information security success as defined by your organization.

Our Services

Virtual CISO

We offer on-demand, executive-level insight without additional headcount, including:

  • Identifying and evaluating your critical assets, and then providing independent recommendations based on your unique business, culture, and industry; and
  • Developing a plan that aligns with your business goals and requirements from clients, partners, and regulators.

Avalution can provide you with experienced information security executives to practically address your organization’s risk.

Security Program Setup

A well-designed security program enables the organization to dynamically manage risks when change occurs or a threat evolves. Instead of solely focusing on a simple set of control objectives and procedures, Avalution designs security programs that are coordinated across the organization - allowing security concerns to be weighed proactively with support from “the top”.

Whether your organization is just getting started with a formal information security program, or you have fundamental questions about how it is (or should be) structured in your organization, we can help create the foundation for a long-lasting solution.

Program Staffing & Outsourcing

Our information security consulting team will close your staffing shortfall or expertise limitations.

Leverage Avalution's skills and expertise to supplement your staff or engage us to fully manage your information security program. Avalution's staffing solution can include any of the following:

  • Controls design and review
  • Review of controls and operational effectiveness
  • Assessment of risk and residual risk
  • Consideration of new regulatory requirements
  • Consideration of new business initiatives
  • Recommendations on security tools and operational procedures
  • Full program documentation

We design information security solutions that are tightly aligned to the strategic priorities of the organization.
If you’re looking for assistance with building or improving your program, contact us today!