Outsourcing Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery

We can manage part or all of your ongoing business continuity and IT disaster recovery efforts. This approach allows you to provide direction and strategic goals, while utilizing Avalution’s expert resources to perform program activities and drive continual improvement. Let us show you how!


We'll focus on what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best!


  • You're the new owner of business continuity or IT disaster recovery and don't have the time or experience needed to properly implement a program;
  • You can't find the right people to hire and it's too expensive to have someone find the right people for you;
  • You’re unhappy with the current preparedness efforts due to a lack of qualified, trained staff currently performing planning on a part-time basis;
  • Boards of directors, customers, and auditors have made inquiries regarding business continuity and IT disaster recovery, and you’re not confident in the organization’s ability to respond appropriately; or
  • Your need is inconsistent, so hiring full time staff doesn't make sense.


Is Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Outsourcing the Right Solution for Your Organization? How much does a business continuity professional cost your organization in terms of recruiting, salary, benefits, taxes, equipment, software, training and management time and support? Depending on the experience level of the individual and what is included in the calculation, the number may startle you. Experts estimate the cost to employ a full time, professional services resource at 1.48 to 2.7 times a base salary! Among other reasons, this is why outsourcing may make more sense for your organization.


Avalution has the credentials and experience with helping organizations just like yours successfully exceed management expectations related to organizational preparedness. So, instead of wasting valuable time recruiting, interviewing, training, and on-boarding internal resources, hit the ground running with an experienced and knowledgeable team from an organization that is actively shaping the future of this profession through participation on international standards committees, boards, and more!


We believe that proactive planning is key to protecting your organization during a disruptive incident. We also believe in creating customized, pragmatic solutions and challenging the way it has always been done.

Business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning is all that we do. If you’re looking for a proven partner to manage part or all of your ongoing business continuity efforts, please contact us today.

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We design business continuity and IT disaster recovery solutions that are tightly aligned to the strategic priorities of the organization.
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