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Avalution documents business continuity plans in an efficient, focused manner that drives repeatability into your organization's response and recovery efforts. We're ready to assist you in developing your business continuity plans. Let us show you how!


Avalution documents business continuity plans in an efficient, focused manner that drives repeatability into your organization’s response and recovery efforts. No more lengthy plans without actionable content!


Following the onset of a disruptive event, business continuity plans are what guide the organization through all phases of response and recovery – from initial response, to crisis management and communications, to business process and information technology recovery.

During a disruptive event, would you rather have:

  • Thoughtfully designed plans that concisely present the information needed to each group that executes response and recovery decision-making while ensuring communication and coordination between all aspects of the recovery effort; OR
  • One plan that basically buries everyone in mountains of unneeded information?

We agree! Thoughtfully designed plans that give you the information you need when you need it is the only way to go!


As we've discussed, it's critical that each plan details the specific information needed to meet its objective without excess, repetitive, non-operational filler. Business continuity plans developed by Avalution's team are threat independent, checklist-oriented, maintainable, and cover:

  • Crisis ManagementAssists senior management with quickly performing situation assessments, provides the initial response to the disruptive event, and leads the recovery of essential products and services that the business and customers need to mitigate the impact associated with the disaster.
  • Crisis CommunicationAn adjunct to the Crisis Management Plan that summarizes key audiences (internal and external), methods of communication following the onset of a crisis, templatized messaging that can be updated when needed, and information regarding optimal, situation-specific spokespersons.
  • IT Disaster RecoveryDesigned to enable a timely and complete recovery of core technology assets within a management-approved timeframe and with the appropriate data available based on pre-determined recovery point objectives.
  • Business RecoveryDesigned to enable a timely and complete recovery of key business activities within a management-approved timeframe, thus ensuring core products and services are available per stakeholder expectations.

An additional advantage, and a key element of Avalution’s approach to planning, is the ability to push ownership of individual plans to the teams that will use them – increasing awareness before the disruption and enabling centralized resource savings.


We believe that proactive planning is key to protecting your organization during a disruptive incident. We also believe in creating customized, pragmatic solutions and challenging the way it has always been done.

Business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning is all that we do. If you’re looking for assistance with developing strategic and actionable business continuity plans, please contact us today.

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